Monday, October 15, 2012

The desires of our heart

Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 34:7

In the church today, many Christians (especially singles) buy into this idea that if they are living for God they get everything they desire: marriage, kids, house, job...sounds to me a little more like the American dream with a little God thrown in as a magic genie. A sense of entitlement with  some God to make it seem like we are not so self-serving. It's all the same...I do this for You God and You give me everything I desire. Because You are good, right?

I know that sounds harsh, and I used to buy into this too, but what if what we desire isn't what is best for us? What if our desires, though they may be good, aren't going to be God's best?

I truly believe that God puts these good desires in our hearts. These are good things, but what happens when these desires keep us from God and get in the way of a complete, honest relationship with our Creator? The desires can become what we live for and our identity instead of living for God and finding out identity in Christ. There are so many good-hearted people telling single Christians that if they are following God's will, they will get married...He will bless them with children...they will own a home...they will have their dream job...

I desires all of those things too (maybe no more kids), but I am finally okay with just me, God and my kids for the rest of my life if that is how I can serve Him the best. If I can love Jesus and people best in the place I am in right now, then I will trust God that I am not meant to get remarried or have a house again. If an apartment is it, then so be it!

I want to love God because he is my Abba Father and not because I get anything from it. He has already given me EVERYTHING I need.

I'm not saying this is easy or that my desires always fall beneath my desire for Jesus...more often than not I find my priorities  shifting towards my wants. The power of positive thinking doesn't change that nor does trying harder, but keeping my eyes on Him and my heart filled with Him does.

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