Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 weeks

10 weeks of another Rooted session have come and gone (through we still have our celebration dinner on Friday.)

I went into tonight being relieved it was over. Rooted has been my life for the past 20 weeks - every Tuesday for 3 hours, plus the reading, praying and preparation it takes to lead a group of 14.

Week 10 is my favorite night...not because it is over, but because everyone in the group gets a chance to affirm each other. I get to also pray into each of their lives a prayer of affirmation. It is a night where after 10 weeks of being vulnerable and open to each other and to what God is doing in our lives, I get to help the group see the journey God has taken them on and how He has drawn them closer to Him.

It is a night or purpose, laughter, tears, acceptance, surrender, hope, love, fellowship...

We celebrate communion with our new family of friends. We get a glimpse of how others see us. We are able to share how another person's story has made an impact on our lives.   We are able to see how God has used us broken, afraid, lost, uncertain, insecure, flawed, lonely and built a community of people who are loved just as we are. In our brokenness God brought healing. In our insecurities, God brought confidence. In our fears God brought deliverance. God showed us a path when we were lost. God showed us security when we were uncertain. God showed us His perfect creation in us when we feel too flawed to be loved.

Week 10 is the reason I lead Rooted. Week 10 is the passion God has set in my heart. I love hearing and seeing His stories written through us...

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