Friday, June 22, 2012


Yesterday could have led me into a very dark place today. Late last night I realized what today was and was able to see the lies fed into all of the half-truths. I was able to put on my armor and fight with the strength of the Holy Spirit again the lies being presented before me.

In my past, today was a day represented by a beautiful glass vase - filled with hope, love, promises...

A few years ago it shattered.

Since then, God has been picking up each broken piece of glass, not leaving a single shard on the ground.

God placed all of those broken pieces into a kiln...melting them together to shape a new vase, more beautiful than the last. Stronger the the last.

Our enemy comes along with a sledge hammer of lies trying to shatter the new creation.

He came close yesterday through multiple circumstances. But not close enough.

Take my eyes off the circumstances and put them onto the Lord. In all reality, the circumstances were nothing like how I perceived them to be. Lies. Deception. Distortion of truth. That's all it was.

Denial - Deny my way and accept  God's way.
Expectations - Live in the present and not worry about tomorrow, the next hour or the next minute. Cling to God's promises.
Regret - Bring it to God and He will use it for His good.
Flaw - Be open to refining. Confess and let God work.
Effort - When doing something for the Glory of God, it is always worth the cost.

Today is a day of celebration - for my Rooted group.
Today is a day of celebration for the circumstances that were so easily distorted yesterday. I embrace them today.
Today is a day for celebration for new life. New creation. New future.

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